Have you always dreamt about making a living with gaming?

Do you wann provide a home for esprots in your area?

Are you a fascinated Gamer?

Do you want to be at the center of your local Gaming Community?

Respawn gives you the tools to build your own Bar and live your dream.

Founders Patrick Tondl and David Vogt built the first Respawn esports Bar in Vienna and learned to deal with all challenges along the road. Both are gamers at heart and built a home for the community. Knowing what a true gamer expects Respawn is authentic as well as professional.

Patrick grew up in a gastronomy family business and knows the in and outs of running a successful gastronomy business.

David is the creative mind behind all of our top notch events, as well as corporate identity and web design.

If you want more details and have a serious interest in opening your own esports bar, write us at liveyourdream@respawn.at

Mi-Sa Kitchen from 16:00 to 23:00.

New on the Menu:

Mercy Wrap

for 10,7 €

Game on!

10 PC’s at your disposal

plus dedicated console area

Special Drinks

Exclusive Gaming Cocktails